Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Implications

The fields of yellow stars
dusted by the sun
                  in clear air
as individual or general
          as the heart that moves
                                through them
                  will allow
whether it nurtures
                                the lost
or explodes to the call
          of the all-pervasive idea
                   that says
                                 with one voice

clover and cactus
         soft before spurs
like lovers entwined
                                 red heart
         bulging like a jungle apple
in clusters of blossoms
         pinpricks of white 
                     on hierarchies of spike
as if when they match our desire
         it's the source of all our wounding
the pure
         (love and hate is the same gesture)
         we’re protected from

then the sun drips in the sky
         and mustard flowers fall into my hair
as if I’ve learned there’s truth
                                        in all our meaning

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