Friday, September 12, 2014


You can go to the hottest block
on the hippest street
to the coolest flat
and the dankest beat
where the microwave dishes
of the world's eyes stare
at the glitterati
as they share
and intelligensiate
all they know and adore
and be colossally

Or you can go to any desert
some meagre collection
of half-alive plants
watch the catclaw
and brittlebush tangle
the mojave asters
poke through flannel bush
as dune primrose joins
with desert marigold
wire lettuce
with wooly daisy
smell the white sage
fill the sand plateaus
with a blaze of scent
sense the structure of love
as every limb connects with others
of harmonious colors
in immaculate design

It is too much for the senses
this feast that never ends
as insatiable to give
as our souls
to receive

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