Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life and Death

Spring sounds so confusing
          to the newest birds.
“This is life? Or death?” they’d say
          if their cries were words.

There are no shoots, no leaves,
          no crocus in the grass,
Tho’ summer cigarettes the sky
          and glows through every glass.

But maybe they know more than we
          how full trees are of sap;
What could we know of life and death
          who eat meat from shrink wrap?


the walking man said...

I have been confused since winter and I only wish the birds knew more of living and dying than I. Seriously we should put bubble wrap on our meat. At least it would sound alive when we opened it.

WAS said...

Seen more, yes, known more i can't be sure
But then again i'm not a carnivore