Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Poem About Chemtrails

The skies are finally thick with a silvering grey, not like every otherwise blue day, when all manner of thin etchings balloon in gassy sick criss-cross in the sky, back and forth, up and down. The skies that would break the silence of God to us forlorn mortals are now sprayed with human waste like some vast and secret dog marking impossible territory. So we evolve, beyond the shapes and thoughts that brought us here - to new visions of what's real and true and right. I begin...with you.

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erin said...

these are frightening things that i have been thinking of too. it could be so easy to give up for most of the world has given up, headstrong and travelling so damned fast along the wrong road. and yet here we are among all the holy things still, despite the desecration. and so we must live harder into our chests, must love harder into our lives, live more deeply toward our own deaths. what else might we choose?

it is good to read you again:)