Friday, December 27, 2013

Outside the Holy House

All of life
      In goldfish eyes
As we lie
      Inside of time --
               Bubbling --
Letting pass
      Every meaning
                Because we need to
                       Make more
My one job:
      When the kettle boils
                 Turn the stove off
No one knows how bad it is --
       This gift --
Which makes it easier to let go
        The many faces of grief --
So that a greater gift, a more
        Paralyzing grief
                  May arrive,
Like lightning must dissolve
        To illuminate the void
My wife is half a world away
        -- The house next door --
Still her flame burns in my heart
For there is only one
        When all is said and done
Two bodies disappear into the soil


the walking man said...

The more we hang on, tighten the grip the more chance we have of letting what we hold slip from our hands.

^.^ said...

Got here via Mark ... happy to have found your blog ... loely soul food :) Always, cat