Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Helen and the Giant

They could not be more perverse,
These readings that she forces
Down all her students’ throats.

When common sense
Forces them to balk
She fails them.

So it is the Great Ones
Stay unknown
Yet remain in the service
Of the hypnosis machine
Where minds are trained
To do anything
For fear of being shamed.

It is not enough
To say that she is wrong.
It is not enough
To say there is a reason
For her always-undersold
It is not even enough
To say when humans find
Their natural genius
It’s always snuffed
Like it’s not even immortal
In some diabolical way.

But it is enough
To simply say
That this waste of time
And violence towards the soul
Is there to serve our mastery.
It is the gift waiting
When we wake up,
Like cut flowers in the sunshine
Or brand new words in a book.

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