Sunday, September 15, 2013

Outside the Pyramid, Impatient for Forever

LA knows a little about dreams
And how you put yourself aside
To make them real
It takes everything
To be nothing at all
It's rainbows or bust
For those who can trust
Heaven's gold surrounding the dust
The nighttime landscape is alive with light
Except where the Hopi live -
Where she glows in my violet shirt
And pulls me in to the center of the earth
The old man remembers
How I came here alone
And he knows I'm not one
Without her
I greeted the young as my equals
Honored their new words and ways
But my tales of sweet golden autumn
Holding on to the fading of dreams
Made their springtime wine taste bitter
We didn't say goodbye
But they'll remember me

1 comment:

Jack said...

Part 2, I love how different readings give a different vibe. Can "earth" be the "her" in the final line? Sometimes, I think.

Part 3 made me laugh. I'll be that guy, minus the first two lines.