Friday, April 5, 2013

The Financial System Explained to a Five-Year Old

Paper covers rock
Scissors cuts paper
Rock crushes scissors

Money covers gold
Trust cuts money
Gold crushes trust


erin said...


i found myself wanting to write a third stanza, gold resembling god so much that the third stanza begs to be written. that and i can not believe the first two stanzas contain anything real anyway, not in your writing of them, but i do not understand any intrinsic value in the financial system:)

(hey, i can see your poem while i comment. if you made changes, thank you))

so - will you write a third? will you undo all of man's foolish posturing?


WAS said...

i was referring to the somewhat esoteric actions of the federal reserve cartel to artificially lower the price of gold, but I like your idea, Erin, of adding a less nebulous third stanza. Howsabout:

Mind covers God
Love cuts mind
God crushes love