Friday, April 26, 2013

At The Stillpoint Between Earth and Heaven

The breathing eye
tries to get me to feel
with beautiful flowers
the work of being worthy
of no boundaries.

So you come.

You love the way your hair sweeps
in the density of air
as I love seeing plants
become vibrations,
yet nothing done alone's
not done together.

We are the glaze we see
upon the pond.
There is no limit
to how light I can become,
how deep you feel
the darkness of the earth.

The churches are but
unimportant spires
that cross the ruined brick
of sunlit towns,
the men and women
chasing other realms.

Your kiss becomes a river
filled with all the scents
I've given you
and every move I make
becomes, in you, a ritual,
an opening of doors
to step away.

I must give nothing up
except my will.

I thought it was some trick
to stop my music
but now I know how rocks
broke in my hand
for other reasons
—the music already existed
it was my heart that needed
to be created
behind Las Vegas curtains
inside heaven,
where I tried to feel
what I am feeling now
but how could I know
the cowgirl on the wall
was really you?
Like I see you now
with your own eyes
on a Melrose fire escape.
"Iglesia?" you say
as if my answer
came before,
as if I've yet to lay
down in that
dark hotel room.

The symbols
are now you,
keys that only turn
when doors were opened,
when watching something else
besides the knob.

And now the cops
have waved us through
'cos we're together
the speed traps and the time
and space continuums,
the things love never needed
but I held on to,
to catch that glint that
brought that scent
that sent that taste
that burned that touch
that now is all of me.

I won't go back to feeling without you.

I might not like how
trail behind me
but without them
there is only

Sometimes God's light
upon His dream
is so frivolous,
so full of desire,
we stand there gaping
at the houses and yards
as if they are
no longer real.
We become the
that overcomes
the green.

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Hannah Stephenson said...

Rumi-y rhapsody today....lots to enjoy in this.