Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Waiting to Land

To make sense of it all
I created a story
and because it was a story
it was true
and because it was true
it was a lie.

How quickly has my life
become another lifetime,
the mirrors so I could
perceive myself
now portraits
of imaginary kings.


erin said...

although meant to illuminate the backdrop for war, this immediately comes to mind from Wilfred Owen's, To Eros:

"For truth is the prime lie men tell a boy."

lately i have been considering the importance of story. each time i come to the end of the question i look out and ask, what else is there?

if there are only a handful of keys to understanding the world, if we could truly understand the nature of story we might gain some insight:)


the walking man said...

Reminds me of Mark Rubio's "escape" from Cuba story that was true until it was shown to be a lie. Oh how so many wish to sit in the hall of dead kings.