Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Poems

The birds are singing
The snow is flying
First day of spring

What the Light Says
My advantage is
I travel fast
so you think first
of the thing being illumined
not the source that gives it light.

Closing Thoughts from the House
I don't care
what TV shows you watch
or how loud your arguments get
or the chaos your children cause
with their saxophones and erector sets,
I care how the garlic is sliced to honor its life
and how the pasta is stirred when water boils.

I don't care about your dining room furniture set
or the giant swap-meet urn with nothing inside of it,
I care about the length of children's laughter
and how often you have an orgasm.

Just give me some spackle and furnace filters
I don't ask for much, just love and respect,
shoes taken off, clothes put away,
everything up off the floor,
cleanliness not Godliness for me.

I don't mind the weather and the dust
but the bannister, oh boy, when it sways
it's like you are taking my back out.

Don't think because you take care of me that I'm yours
just because I can't react in terms you'd understand,
but then again, neither do your children
and you take care of them, sometimes think
you own them. Well here's the thing:
somedays, when the wind blows through the attic
we share secrets adults must never know. 


Jack said...

I immediately thought "home is occurrences, not a building." But, clearly, a kitchen, a banister, an attic, et cetera all have specific memories and interactions tied to them. They're involved.

the walking man said...

Loved the 2nd piece and to third --hell the winds been blowing through my attic for decades now. Me thinks perhaps it is the source of my oxygen for after all these years of smoking on my porch i may have misplaced my lungs (which i do most certainly own, though lost) up there in that dusty place where the wind is never strong enough to clear the cobwebs.

Seriously though 3 sounds like a road to compromise in a relationship.

WAS said...

Thanks, Mark, for insightfully reminding me that I may need to piss off my house to secure the air that I breathe.

erin said...

the 1st - what does nature know of rules, or what do we know of nature, or how do we keep definining rules so incorrectly, or why do we keep incorrectly keeping the word rules, alive?

the 2nd - i frantically search for your words in alix cleo ribaud's mouth in regards to photography,that which produces the shadow does not see it." ce qui est cause d'ombre ne la voit point i.e, the sun,

(she employs unusual punctuation throughout her journal.)

the 3rd- damn! i wish while writing in your comments i could see the original post!


erin said...

the 3rd is complicated. it turns. as it begins i am reminded of attention and prayer but then something sinister creeps in with the idea of ownership. doesn't ego always fark things up!