Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Reification is Proceeding Apace

One glance unglues me,
the chemical question mark,
so I, insoluble, might fit, or
the exclamation point at my core
with outward roar that knows no limit?

My breath is a body of effortless form,
my being is light as language, and within it
a glimmer of me not yet swallowed whole
so I can still see that glimmer of you

in the fields where quanta grow
as the mind's dodecahedrons
create it all
so the heart can feel
(all can grow)

with the lover always further away, elusive and luring,
the chase and play, the universe empty enough for that.

The constriction of time and space
is the reason we have free will.
The lights on wet streets
talk to each other
and all of us are still waiting...


Anonymous said...

Despite the mention of limits, the end grants a feeling of enormous potential (like the enormous roar).

Anonymous said...

I meant to type "outward roar" above.

erin said...

free will (which is consciousness itself?) opens the pocket of void into which we move?

i wonder how it is you manage to move through your days as a human being. it's an odd experience, isn't it? and yet this last is perhaps the silliest sentence ever written.