Thursday, February 14, 2013

Early Train

It's light enough to see it all,
too dark to think it's real;

The hues start showing larger things,
some glitter more immortal:

We call it beauty,
this not quite being able to speak.

The only thing that is alive
is absence with its glowstick

Before the darkness comes again
to bring the words like magic,

Explanations for what isn't
really there.


the walking man said...

A poem for poetry.

The only thing that is alive is absence with its glowstick. =

We do need to get on the same schedule as the day and night. Then perhaps we may see reality and taste it and touch it and give it what it deserves other than factory made temporary illumination.

Hannah Stephenson said...

The glowstick is also what stuck with me, here...

When we wake for early trains and planes, we get to see a different world.

Jack said...

I've read this probably ten's weighty but spreads like a soft glow. Quite an amazing effect.