Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Folds in the Karmic Curtain Not the Show Itself

No sense in belaboring
the inevitable:
the debt of pathos
can't be paid
for it's the mindset
that created it
that must be freed

to stand in truth
while letting the opposing truth
wilt my eyes

and stay there still

hoping words
can balance out
when balance
allows no words,

no obligation
to disrupt

and I feel guilt
for leading others
and I feel pain
for the way
they seek to punish
because they went astray
by not listening
to me

seeking words of
when impeccability
allows no words

"you are eternal now,
you can wait it out
like the sphinx."


Anonymous said...

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Hannah Stephenson said...

Standing firm while our eyes go all wobbly from the's what we do in life.

And can I just point out how insane (but somehow hilarious) the spam comment above is?? "be a angel wherever you go"? "a transcendence chameleon-like casino elbow"???!??