Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Blue Rose

Missing you, thus
missing everything...
It falls soundlessly a step before my arm.
What life there is mocks me with its calm, alarming
Resemblances to you.
All the flowers are grey,
But not the grey we shared, which was a rainbow,
An ocean, a laugh into the abyss
Where we heard, coming back, each other's laughter,
Mingled, hopelessly merged,
Like grass grown from a seed
Spread out immortal on the lawn,
Framing in deep green the gold of heaven's earthward light.
In the breeze this simple all unfolds as bliss,
The flowers grow from love, what's just
Remembrance of the whole
Feeding and being fed endlessly...


Jack said...

Love, saccharin-free. Quite a feat and quite an amazing read. I pictured tall grass growing in a sculpted lemniscate shape.

Anonymous said...

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