Friday, January 4, 2013

Betsy to Heaven

I'm not interested in how
men are attracted to women
and women are attracted to men,
or how natural it is for hearts
to leave their tiny frames behind,
or how there are no reasons
for souls to feel so lonely they connect.

I'm interested in alignment,
having seen the way the scales always skew,
having known the compensations
when we can't be our true natures
to each other out of fear that what we are
cannot be free:
the dressing for occasions,
the drawing in of taxes,
the skirt of obligations,
the heart kept under glass,
the scorn that turns resentment into hatred,
the greed that turns neglect into betrayal...

I've carried on my shoulders
all the blessed imperfection
that lands as loss and drama
on our souls so gently tied.

I'm not interested in pathos
anymore, or the thought that
the ideal
is a lie,
or the myriad addictions
from feeling uncompleted,
or the fears that my one woman
could not be them all.

I'm interested in perfection,
in two hearts that beat as one,
aligning, always aligning
to the heart that knows the way,
the only path to the sun we seek,
what is eternal, already center,
at the start. The balance
where two see themselves
inside the other, smiling.


Anonymous said...

This is reality, wow. I think this rivals "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" for really capturing what can be said about relationships. Insightful and accessible, well done.

the walking man said...

Human relationships are the only places where 30 kilos can balance out 3 pounds.

erin said...

reading rilke's first elegy today and living my life as i do leads me to what i am about to say - that place, that balance and seeing between two people, that alignment, only takes place between two people when they stop seeing one another as seperate from god and begin to see everything as connected. it seems paradoxical but they must be willing to lose themselves to be found.

your poem, i believe, says the same, spanning between those thought-filled, anxiety riddled, ego-warping human endeavors and spanning the bridge toward the infinite.

i like this kind of love, the infinitely infused. i need this kind of love. i will settle for no other. i'm lucky enough that i can say this and mean it. this also means i am in line for tragic loss:)

and you?