Monday, November 19, 2012

Open-Air Church

And finally the trees give way to vision,
The truth we've been eluding comes to view,

November birds in arrows cross the sky,
And all that we have have talked about turns true

In one wind's gusty sigh - and then it goes
Like leaves are called within the one to fall.

The acorns break to fragments, like our worlds,
The pieces all we see now of the whole;

The shock is far too large to be aware
Save tremors in one leaf defined in air.


the walking man said...

It may be unnamable but it makes perfect sense to me.

"The shock is far too large to be aware--"

Jack said...

Calm, iambic flow. I really enjoyed the rhymes here, too.

Penultimate verse is killer.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Acorn confetti = fall.

Being outside in this season inspires reverence in me, too.