Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letters in a Broken Mirror

My love, words are kind to us,
It is we who writhe in their shadows
Like bats echolocating for a wall

When all each other offers is an emptiness.

How full we make the words, to compensate I guess
For what we do not hear, it’s in the way
Of hearing each other. Sticks pierce
And they discover, you need them for surrender,

Which is nothing more than changing emphasis.

You say I cannot speak for you, that “we’s” are really “I’s”,
That I can’t see you past my own disguise,
As you infer the words I use are lies

Behind your same unspoken expectation.

“You have to learn to ask for what you want”
Becomes “what makes you feel you need to have it?”
“I cannot live with you so close”
Becomes “I feel I’m in this life alone.”

The truth lies buried somewhere in the sickness

Of thinking that the sense is in the words,
Like talking solves some pesky logic problem
When answers lie inside that secret world

Where I escape from you, to words

I use to be with me, not do for you,
That will not let you misconstrue,
As ancient and as far away as they are from you,
They bring you closer to me;

Words without the dark agenda: communication.

Earth and heaven in lieu of your kiss,
Is that so wrong, to find some bliss
When one has been denied?

How I lack all conscience when I fly!

The divine is no excuse, I made
That choice, to follow where some hope
Emerged from pain – it’s called betrayal
And we do it every day, blaming others…

We’re only justified when we are wrong.

How can I, after I’ve cleaned myself off,
Purified the flow, let it all go,
Ever hope to find you … again … then?

You who are my only endless service?

My graffiti is for your mystery,
The typeset one more peel,
The printer’s ink the prayer for a seal,
At any rate you twist it like a Mobius strip

Without the thought that it may yet be you.

These words, here, commandeer
What truth is left in this,
The lovers’ prickly riddles

That always run from answers.

You cannot trust me ‘cos you cannot know me,
You cannot trust for I don’t know myself,
You cannot when I cannot trust myself.
I trust you in this, so I have no

Way to say a word to you at all.

I know I must be wrong somehow,
I know it's right to hold you,
I know that I must let you go,

How else could I love you? 


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. Riveting and suspenseful. I haven't read many poems that are suspenseful.

Something from my life:

"The truth lies buried somewhere in the sickness

Of thinking that the sense is in the words,
Like talking solves some pesky logic problem"

the walking man said...

I just figure it's like driving...I may know my destination but not exactly how to get there. So I tell myself if I drive aimlessly long enough I will eventually get to where I am headed.

If I give you enough words I may still have to let you go to let you know that I love you but by then we will have driven together for so long that mayhaps you'll be reluctant to get out of the car and then we can quit giving each other words and just talk.

That whole kiss thing though...does there have to be tongue involved? That always throws my elocution off.

I Love You and your words Bill.