Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aphorism at the Boundary of the Dead

The only thing
between the real
and the ideal
is faith

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erin said...

watching the movie melancholia last night (have you seen it? - spoiler alert) i wondered on the last scene, what would be worse, or would it even be different, if i died and so for me the world ceased to be, or if the whole of the world died? i was startled. what a selfish proposition and yet, it seemed to me there would be (for me) ultimately little difference, ultimately. (of course on this side of it there is plenty of difference, loving and hoping for the future for my children. but after i die, how would it matter, the future of the world or not?)

with this in mind i spend time with your question. i am shaken by what might be real and what might not be real, shaken by my ideals and completely shaken by the notion of faith, the tenuous string that perhaps is all that there is.