Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Squinting at the Grid

The kleptocrat plutocrats and the permanent bureaucrats, the pundits and the pharmacists, the political parties and the hangover debt, the courthouses and the department stores, the universities and the transit authorities, the think tank snark and the shark tank stink, the Communists and the Oligarchs, the goombahs and the gossip rags, the intelligentsia and the saved, the prescription drugs and the oil-rich thugs, the publishers and the censors, the gay mafia and the SWAT-team traffic cops, the news and social medias, the drug cartels and the faith-based communities, the docudramas of child sexual abuse and the biggest stories not covered by the news, the vampires and the Vanderbilts, the Monarchs and the monarchies, the air-force drones and the sub-prime loans, the illuminati and the paparazzi, the literati and the twitterati, the teacher preachers and the featured creatures, the fashionistas and da gansta beasts, the BMW blue bloods and the NASCAR rednecks, the Monster drinks and the Monster trucks, the billionaires competing in the Olympics and the endless medical center annexes, the military-theological and the prison-industrial complexes, the terror threats and the blonde bimbettes, the scapegoats and the victims, the champions and the charlatans, the mirror-gazing women and the towel-snapping men, the televisions and the religions, the corporations and the foundations, the programmers and the consumers—everything else wants us to wake up.


Erik Donald France said...

Amen to that, brother.

I heard a guy on the radio a couple of weeks ago gleefully imagining a world of tiny flying drones -- specifically one delivering a burrito to his front door.

Jack said...

Relevant, through and through. Well-crafted internal rhymes and perfect pacing. Juxtapositions were awesomely clever, too.

erin said...

ohhhhhhhh! i was waiting for it and i was so not disappointed. yes yes and yes, but i wonder how small that second classification is. jesusgod, that it were larger, busting at the seams!

and one more yes for the kick-ass elocution, for this rings in my ears!