Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Problem with Paradise

It's theoretically possible for a utopia
to be far enough away from human society
to sustain itself indefinitely,
but it will want to have some contact inevitably
for a utopia has nothing to teach
without insoluble problems.


erin said...

shit! truly?

well, there goes my motivation for moving to the edge of civilization))


Anonymous said...

Then...on to the next one?

the walking man said...

Erin that is not an insoluble just have to go past the edge.

utopia follows along the same theory as perpetual it really sounds good on paper but you just know someone out of spite once that thing started itself going would hold it still to stop it. That is the nature of non utopians.

Hannah Stephenson said...

If there is a utopia without humans to experience it, does it really exist?

Trees are falling down in empty forests all over the place with this one.

Makes the old brain churn this morning...