Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Poetry Reading

It was two years ago I was relocated to New York City. For the first month I lived in corporate housing, the 777 building where Chelsea, Midtown and the Garment District meet, the old Tin Pan Alley. The poems I did in that month were limited to seven lines, seven beats per line (most of the time), seven days a week. Tonight I'll read the whole sequence, with the help of Archie Shepp, Carmen Bradford, Joe Henderson, John Coltrane and a cast of millions. It's a bit long but it captures in newness the stretch of the place they call The City...

Sorry about the p's...The originals can be found at the following links:

April 5-30, 2010

May 1-4, 2010

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the walking man said...

#'s 3, 15, 18 &,19 I found to be exceptionally good. NYC the place where every wavelength is canceled out by an opposing wavelength. Sometimes I really miss that town.