Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lyric: Down Confetti Road

I'll occasionally post lyrics I'm working on, to, like the proverbial ship hidden in the picture, let them appear as poems.

Los Angeles you perfect one
I’m your forever wrong
Can’t you ever have an ugly day?
You know love you say
I can’t love anyone
Not the way they love you
For the way
You give love
To everyone

I can learn to touch you
So you won’t have to feel
We never have to go
Anyplace that’s real
Round here

I see in your eyes
Past your cold disguise
A little girl’s imperfect little heart
Strong enough to cry

Los Angeles you sacred one
I kneel down to your sun
And you shine like I’m not even there
Like you are unaware
You are my paradise
I’d pay any price
To hear you
Say that I can
Treat you nice

You know it’s true
I’m with you
You have to say
We’re OK
It’s forever
And I get you
You get me too yeah
We’re a pair
Down that endless road
Down confetti road
You know that’s our neighborhood
Know that’s our lilac vine
That’s us at home
At Christmas time

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Hannah Stephenson said...

And how about the song once it's complete?