Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dolphin Song

"God has created for each soul a universe corresponding to that soul." - Henry Corbin

Starfire gallops through the cloudless skies
Dreaming of the ropes that fly, thinking that the earth won’t rise
She’s my friend, riding Saturn’s rings along the shore
Farther than we ever ran before now
Never want to see through eyes
Of the low, it feels right to be lonely here
Feels all right to be blue
Lost in all I do

Aqua fingertips of foam
Starlight makes us glow
Starfire always knows
All that’s magical

Mermaids watch over the animal wife
Taken from her watery life, looking in on all this strife
Imagine, seeing the sad woodenness of things
Soothing fragile hearts upon her harp strings
Gentle as the burning knife
Inside impenetrable armor
Gray impeccable suits
Loom over every move

Aqua fingertips of foam
Shimmer silent shame
No one ever knows
When the cluster bombs explode
What errors become
Waves don’t even break
I am sailing home

You know they’re coming
You know they’re swimming
They only want to help us heal
You know they’re hurrying
To our side
You know they only want us to feel

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. I adore the mythology here.

2. "Inside impenetrable armor
Gray impeccable suits
Loom over every move..."

Great word choice. The craft here caused a few re-readings.