Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Chord Yet to Resolve

Hearts don't break
unlike machines
they widen
through distance to what's lost
the swell of love's backwash
its endless power

To sit with what you feel
when what you feel
is more than you
can make the spirit

Some of the most beautiful vistas in the West
cannot be photographed
it's for our own protection
the Earth will grieve with us
if only we can bear its magnificence
without chopping it up
to bite-size names and images
make abstract numbers answers
not holy chords
the cry that calms the stars
for the cold machine of mind knows it's alive
by quivering with the grief
the lights
in empathy contagion
this is being
without answers
to them
what we call pain
some purity of love

1 comment:

Hannah Stephenson said...

We keep trying not to chop stuff up, but that makes us chop it up more.

The photography/vistas stanza was a surprise....I think it was my favorite.