Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why Love is Consciousness

My mind
is the only thing
in my body
that doesn't know.


Hannah Stephenson said...'s like a German philosophy word.

Rusty Kjarvik said...

I really enjoy this to a great degree, I'm currently starting to work out a piece (still unfinished) that reminds me of this which goes something like:

He asks us,

"Walk, with Love as a constant offering,
Giving, not taking"

I respond,

"If we all reach the same source and end,
And how we get there is peculiar to each,
I choose not to Love, to discontinue my walk.
I am taking back what is mine.
I am still,
To receive You."

Also, thanks for leading me to the possibility of Dream in the lyrics of Tom Waits. I was a real fanatic of Waits and his early work when I was a 19 year old chain smokin' bachelor, though my process of including allusions to Dreams is non-intentional, I stumble upon them as I would stumble upon the content of a Dream, not knowing what lies ahead before each sleep.

I really enjoyed this piece as well as your Visions of Frobisher Bay, it reminds me of a course I once took on Arctic Archaeology, which with enough imagination, if you can envision the surroundings of the dizzyingly innumerable array of tools found in the archaeological record being used in their natural environment, the course would have been as interesting as your poem! Still, I with such Visions I am ever drawn northward, it seems a cleaner palette of the global mind!