Wednesday, February 8, 2012


"En la ignorancia, esta's
en todo - cielo, mar y tierra - muerto" *
-Juan Ramón Jiménez

Your voice, the only voice
that breathes through these machines,
the only one that's speaking
in the stuttering of tongues,

the one that, saying nothing
has the feel of everything,
as all the heard words added up
are empty, not full.

Your voice, the only voice
that knows things, not their names
and will not separate the earth from hearts
as they spin in opposite directions,

the one that, saying nothing
tells the lives of everything,
as all conclusions only note
the thing as dead.

Your voice, the only voice
that tells me what is real,
the only one not proving
in the multitudes of truth,

the one that, saying nothing
shows we're wrong on everything,
as all the yes's conjure up
the no not overcome.

Your voice, the only voice
I hear above the noise,
the only one not anchored to a sound
that's not my own,

the one that, saying nothing
makes me part of everything,
as all talking makes an opening
I fall through like a crack.

* In ignorance, you exist
in everything - sky, sea and earth - dead

1 comment:

Rusty Kjarvik said...

I have most enjoyed reading this piece! It very much reminds me of one of Leonard Cohen's iconic lyrical strands, "Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."

Speaking of lyricism and the projection of unique voice, I have greatly enjoyed your collection, "sad summer eyes" you project me, as a reader into the inimitable lightness of a horizontal presence in the world of living poetic art, I feel a humbling and egolessness in reading your imprints of emotion and thought, so honest and clear. You seem to have a clear soul, as I've heard the expression...

I particularly enjoyed the pieces, "Art Removed From History" and "Simplicity Is A Virtue" and then in "Momentary Anxiety" the lines, "The angels don't want to listen to your stories, for to them / Dreams are all equal, they are what got you there." is quite powerful for me, I wonder if you would allow me to use those lines for a future blog post, regardless they draw me in to the feelings I had when I first began my blogspot.