Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Outside World

The outside world pretends to love you
As you pretend you’re worthy of its love
It shines its priceless daggers
You shine your worthless smile
It feeds you anyway

The outside world has everything
It’s only on one side
The only place the unknown still is real
Its darkness fends off stars
The hand it touches itches

The outside world stays straight faced
As you try to follow its story
You laugh along at the punch line and never know
If that was the real laughter
Or was it the later one at you

The outside world never asks you on a date
But you can tag along if you act stupid
And carry drinks and smile at bragging
And cut it to the quick without real anger
And laugh when you are ribboned in return

The outside world will never quite agree with you
It always has an opposite opinion
And says it doesn’t matter what it thinks
There's no compulsion to agree with it
But still it never comes to quite agree

The outside world wants questions answered
But only with more questions
And only in a certain tone of voice
And never with the truth that is too easy
Harmony the killer must keep her virtue intact

The outside world as a circle talks in circles
It always ends at the place where it began
It calls that proof
And thinks that it defeats you no matter what you say
Especially if you do not care to win

The outside world is never out to get you
It only wants you to think it is
By changing its mind as soon as you’ve accepted
Its earlier change of mind
Which never was a change, it says, at all

The outside world is dangerous
You think it exists
It steals from your collection plate
Makes you pray to be forgiven
And never says if you are

The outside world looks different
When not holding for a photograph
It cannot stop its laughter
Or wear its mask of knowledge
The only way that you are recognized

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Anonymous said...

Geez, I agree with so much of this. Okay, all of it.