Monday, February 27, 2012

My Computer Wrote Me a Poem

What you have is...
Aha Buslogic
Joliet Loop
Serial Console Slip
Select Vortex
ash badblocks
cat chain chatter
clear clone
dump echo
elvis false
flash gunzip
halt head hex
dump kernel key
kill linux
length loadmap
more mount
pax ping
profile protocols
reboot route script
shared slattach sleep
sort split strings
swap off
swap on
synctail tar test
touch trace route
true tune unpack
update view
watch which yes
as root

(the above was waiting for me on my work computer this morning, with numbers, code and command words removed, and line breaks added)


Hannah Stephenson said...

CRAZY COOL!!! Love it. Nice going, computer!

Rusty Kjarvik said...

This is a perfect serendipitous find...I've recently taken to the idea of inventing a computer program that works similarly, to that as you have found happenstance, here is my initial hashing out of the idea:

reactions of a computer program which works to mirror the mind’s conception of spontaneous, improvised writing; wherein a single word or phrase begins the cycle of creation and from that word or phrase the sound conceived (as per inception) therein produces another word or phrase relative to the sound produced within the machine (to reflect this phenomenal process within the mind of improvisational poetic creation), there is a word bank of dictionary size, with which words are taken that resonate relative to prior sound frequencies that the machine picks up on (which the mind would pick up on in writing to inspire the creation of more words and phrases), this in turn would make the machine “write” spontaneously based on sound frequency (mechanisms may be devised where sound is but one variable in the machine "writing" where syntax, grammar, etc. also factor in...)