Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fiona Apple!

Posted for no other reason than I love you, Fiona

“I suddenly feel like a different person
From the roots of my soul come a gentle coercion
And I ran my hand o'er a strange inversion
A vacancy that just did not belong
The child is gone”

“So keep on callng me names, keep on, keep on
And I'll keep kicking the crap till it's gone
If you keep on killing, you could get me to settle
And as soon as I settle, I bet I'll be
Able to move on.”

"I'm either so sick in the head
I need to be bled dry to quit
Or I just really used to love him
I sure hope that's it."

There's Fiona with breakfast…

All day and all night…

At the movies…

Singing along with the oldies…

Before going to bed…

And the reason I can die now:

(Alright I know this is probably not copacetic with the library police. The videos are off youtube and the pictures are from an unnoted photographer in an unremembered newspaper from a show in Phoenix in 2006. And everything is Fiona's -- as always).

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William A. Sigler said...

From an email response by "Resting Wind" to the "I Want You" video:

"Truly incredible performance! Furiously controlled intensity, ferocious howling agony and then you can actually watch her go mad for real...love the way she wipes her face at the end!

"Like Medea...horrified and shaken by the result of her own passion yet somehow unrepentent, still in its clutches - beautiful, doomed and somehow exonerated all at the same time.

"It makes Elvis' version sound like 'I'll Be Seeing You.'

"It's nice to be wanted but I guess it entails a certain degree of responsibility. Maybe in retrospect things got a little out of hand...I see now she was a human being. (she's a vegan Btw)"

Right on!