Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Baltimore Thing

Arabs, they call them,
some macabre African-American tradition,
horses and black carriages
traveling from Mon Roe to Pigtown,
guys with stovepipes hats
selling flowers from the back like My Fair Lady...
Arabs, they call them.

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Rusty Kjarvik said...


Fascinating comment on my recent post about Jazz, I've actually never heard Buddy Bolden, so I'm excited to get a good listening in soon enough!

I very much enjoy this post as well as your recent ones on the recently deceased Polish poet and the recently uncovered stone monuments on the British isles, the way you have weaved this history and poetry into a delectable reading is expertly engaging, I especially enjoy your "A Baltimore Thing" as I found it resonated somehow with the way you talk about Szymborska..."the private becomes sealed in what can only be called an articulate crypt" is a masterful expression! I especially find this human absurdity enlightening where you are unafraid to write using non-politically correct language, that even if coming from a white, euro-perspective, we can be sensitive to and creative with identity language without feeling obligated to the political conventions of the day, and the silence that therein ensues...