Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Winter Day

Snow dust at sunrise,
Geese honking, the screeching of crows,
slush cracks, shoes muffle, tires shush, drains splatter

The woods have held on to their browns
and the grasses didn't yield without a fight

The afternoon forgets the thought
that breathed down on the real
as our minds are asked to let our knowledge go

White forms will always dissolve into black pools

Wet night
with its luminous coal and clean concrete,
limbs in tubes of light and diamond straw


Anonymous said...

Fantastic images.

The tone to me was quiet but sudden.

James said...

Beauty with an ominous undercurrent. Like how you've captured these images.

Hannah Stephenson said...

It's so relaxing, thinking of our minds being asked to "let our knowledge go."

Always, shapes give in to shapelessness, it seems (hm...I almost feel a poem coming on!).