Friday, December 16, 2011

Explaining the Zodiac to a Child

In the circle, like a merry-go-round, you see the same familiar faces
As you go around. Sometimes they smile,
Sometimes they frown, and by the end they’ve disappeared
Although you’re right where you began.

The red horse I am riding needs green dragon by its side,
I need to have the bad guy, to drive these pistons on,
I need to have this mirror in the center, or else I'd turn
To stone, or else I’d be afraid I was invisible,
Unable to see the wound that takes me home.

The shadows rise and fall upon the pole
Still I’m in the same place moving,
The plastic saddle, the permanent smile
Aren’t real, but my stirrups are
As I stroke the purple hair that keeps me dreaming.

And as I pass another turn around the cylinder
That hammers music, another cluster
Of notes like a hand with cubes of sugar
Makes me recognize at last

That every time I pass
It is unique, this stiff contraption
Lets me be the world revolving, for the oneness has the room
For endless ones to spin an endless candy cotton.

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