Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Continuing Adventures of
Mr. Bull and Mr. Bear

For one, the sun is always rising.
For the other, the sky is always falling.
Yet they both are always right,
All curvings of the roller coaster ride reveal their foresight.

One is fearless in how much they love us
(Even when they try to kill us),
Sees children as the mother of invention.
The other's always dying to the dream of sleep,
Seeking freedom from the stubborn pull of nothingness.

There's no walk through the fire without being burned
There's only the fire
And not being burned.

Yet one can learn by swaying with the balance
As markets adjust behind secretive weights,
Seek solace in the one and then in the other
Though what is put together one can't calculate.

One must let the rope out in infinite faith
And pull it back in with all of one's strength.
The gift of life is far too prevalent
It must be trimmed back, for growth is
A means to an end.

But what that end is, we still can't predict
Even with minds that encompass all,
Even with all-embracing hearts,

For we wheel in the same old orbit around
The contradictions that are the possibilities
Pretending that it matters to be right or be wrong
When our openness alone propels the journey.

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