Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Hello to Cid Corman
Across Time and Space

Nothing silent
is independent

Nothing sacred
kneels and prays

Nothing mortal
stops its growing

Nothing changeless
ever stays

Nothing dreamed of
needs believing

Nothing speaking
knows what's heard

Nothing missing
lacks in feeling

Nothing whole
is ever filled


liv2write2day said...

I enjoy the thoughts and how they sort of drip down the page like rain.

Lyn said...

How easily you list these intrinsic truths..just had to tell you!! Thanks for your visit..and that's how bloggers meet!!

G.K. Asante said...

I really enjoy the cascade of images and the truths you evince in this piece.

Olivia said...

Very well put Bill!!
I like the style how you have put your word across too.

very well done xox