Friday, October 8, 2010

Nin-me-sar-ra (Adoration of Inanna) - IV

The final part of the series. For more on Enheduanna, see Cass Dalgish's poetic response to this poem and legend, Humming the Blues.

Since the heart was full, too full, great Queen, I birthed it for you.
The deep midnight songs I recited to you
The cult singer will echo at noon:
"Because of your captive spouse, your humble protégé,
Your anger has only grown larger, your heart unassuaged."
The powerful lady, respected by kings, accepts her offerings.
She finally accepts her prayer and sacrifice.
Inanna's great heart has been slaked.

Like the light of the rising moon, she was clothed in enchantment.
Nanna came forward to gaze at her in awe
And her mother Ningal blessed her,
And the temple doorsill opened and said "be hailed!"
What all inside spoke to the mistress was exalted.
Draped in allure, your heart is restored, with power to rule with the Word,

O Inanna, all glory!