Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Longest Wait

While they perfect their buddhahood mere towns away
the bananas wait in the freezer,
roses blue in the fridge,
avocados lay next to the stove.

I put away the witch hazel, geranium, eucalyptus
and collect 26 hibiscus flowers.

I have become less than human, and more
than a God, as the veil between imagining
and knowing turns dangerous, any thought
can turn to pure light, my body at any moment
may no longer be my own.

                                              The brand new country
music station accompanies the ticking clock,
reminds me how deeply I need to change.


Hannah Stephenson said...

The desire to rewind (unwind?)...I totally get it. I love the grocery list at the beginning of the poem, and how small those "ingredients" are compared to the ideas in following stanzas.

erin said...

you take me to (and i suspect reside in) a place near transcendence with this one))